Paid my first visit to the Geffen Contemporary

I was initially iffy about staying at this particular location (there are two other MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) locations) since I didn’t think it was what my friends were looking forward to considering what was visible seemed little, empty and stark. However a blessed, incredibly kind man (who happened to be a MOCA member) made our decision for us by paying for our admission!

Concerning my initial interpretation of the place, I was a fool. There is so much that simply seeing and hearing each piece doesn’t do it justice, at least not for me. I want to experience each piece, relive it myself. There are my limits as a human.  I didn’t understand all the works. This thought turned into a fear, that perhaps, it isn’t all meant to be understood, but I fear I will never fully understand it all. That matters to me.  I’m unsure if others have encountered something along these lines—a place so full of whatever the suiting content may be that you’re constantly reevaluating, questioning yourself. The bad questions. My visit to the Geffen was that entirely.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful we stayed. It was an experience that was draining but only in the most satisfying sense. I will most definitely be a frequenter for the rest of my life and DEFINITELY RECOMMEND it.

I don’t want too write too much about the Geffen Contemporary’s content so for more information, please click here!!